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Why Web3 Sucks (And How We Make It Suck Less)

Ever tried repaying a USDC loan on AAVE, but all you've got is DAI? Here's the usual drill:

  1. Head to Uniswap.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Fiddle with the token dropdown.

  4. Type in the amount.

  5. Click 'Approve'.

And guess what? You're only halfway! You wait for the swap, then move to AAVE, reconnect, choose your token, approve the spender, sign the transaction, and then finally repay.

Sounds like a 10-minute circus that could've been better spent ā€” maybe meme-making or diving deep into crypto Twitter drama?

Enter Bytekode

Forget the jargon. Here's the real deal:

Type in your transaction. We execute. No hassle.

Why go through the earlier rigmarole when you can just plug into Bytekode and command:

"Swap 10 DAI for USDC and repay my loan."

See? Easy.

Want in? Integrate Bytekode into your wallets and protocols. Don't wait.

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