How to integrate intents

Enable intents on your dapp/smart contract wallet/eoa with this easy to use sdk.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Install the sdk via npm/yarn/pnpm

pnpm install @bytekode/intents
  1. Import & Initialize the Intents class in your node.js file

import { Intents } from '@bytekode/intents'

const intents = new Intents('test-api-key')
  1. Pass in the following parameters, to receive a transaction object

<!-- command: `I want to send 10 usdc to vitalik.eth` -->
const txObject = await intents.getTransaction(chainId, command, address_of_signer)
  1. The above transaction object can then be used to confirm the transaction, via any user connected wallets.

We support all evm based chains.

To obtain an api key, reach out to:

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